your broadcast, your mix.

You wouldn't play a show without your Front of House Engineer...

Your audience need to hear an amazing mix.

You wouldn't tour without a
Monitor Engineer...

It's critical to your performers
comfort on Stage.

Why leave Broadcast to

Live Performances reach more fans than ever before.

More people experience festivals and live sets on television, via livestreams, or later on YouTube, social media, and catch-up services.

Coachella has expanded streaming year on year and expects


Live Views

Glastonbury 2023 has over


Streams to date

up 47% over the previous year

Episodes of SNL can reach



within the week


Live Viewers

of the Coronation Concert

We offer tailored solutions to put artists and their production teams in control of the Broadcast Mix.

Deliver approved, energetic, and impactful mixes to your biggest audiences.

Solutions we provide.


Work with our engineers at your production rehearsals and replicate the workflow of a festival or live-stream broadcast.

Hear first-hand how your '3 minute mix' will sound.

We will then adapt your tracks, mics, and splits to achieve the best possible outcome.


We deploy a mix engine and audio and video transport into your touring rig that allows us to remotely mix your shows, wherever you are in the world.

Installed during rehearsals, we'll work with you to perfect a mix that can be consistently delivered every time you perform.

When you need the best.

We provide a world-class broadcast truck, handling all your mixing on site and delivering your mix and stems to broadcast.

Initial production days will focus on the most effective technical integration of broadcast splits, perfection of effects, and live vocal processing within the live-to-air workflow.

Either multitrack or live in the room, we spend time with your artist to lock-in the sound, with opportunity for revisions.

Alexander Archer

Oliver Waton

With a combined three decades of music and broadcast experience, parallel is a partnership forged from a shared vision...

Never again to see our artists, MD, and musician friends left disappointed by broadcast sound that fails to convey their hard work.

Available solutions range from Remote show mixing around the world, Top class OB trucks for your artists on site, and virtual rigs for rehearsals to test and improve audio presented to broadcast.

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